Window 1381 -A walk of change


In order to truly evolve, we must continue to step out of our comfort zone…and with each step of discomfort, a change takes place, that can be seen when we reflect back on who we were, upon our first step.

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Window 703 – Dark whispers

1507184_856654267718609_2070981902601788138_n Darkness is always the whisper that tries to pull us back into thoughts and people of our past, to prevent us from evolving fully  into the present.

The repeat of old rhetoric is the only tool that darkness has to use, to try to lure us away from the calling of our spirit.

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Window 612 – Moving forward

IMG_0353When the view of your past appears as a life that you never lived, you have evolved from the pain.

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Window 263 – Evolving from the past


“Our past is the place where our journey began but it is not where it will end, unless we remain the same.”

If you only know me from my past, then you don’t know me at all and for me to know you I would have to go back into my past, which is a place I no longer need to visit, because it no longer exists in me.

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