Window 1705 – We can always bounce back


The only way we can fail in life, is by making choices that push of off our life path… and choosing to stay down , instead of getting back up.

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Window 827 – All closed doors lead us to ones that open


Every door that closes is a guided push to pull us into the next phase of our  journey; which will take us to a higher ground, that we never imagined for our own life… hence the push.

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Window 748 – Turning regrets into love


Dwelling over the wrong choices made, only creates a weakened future… but when we embrace the lessons learned with gratitude, not only do we birth power in our future, but our past becomes our genuine friend.

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Window 508 – Our thoughts are what fail us

photo(327)If within your thoughts you feel you will fail; unconsciously you will be trying to fail to prove you are right.
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Window 475 – Follow a path that brings peace within

photo(297)When the thought of letting go of someone or something makes us feel like a failure, we are holding on to the comfort of dysfunction, which is failing our chances for inner peace.
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Window 451 – Life is just a classroom


Falling down is not the problem; refusing to get back up out of fear, guilt, anger or embarrassment is the problem… There is wisdom to be gained and shared from your fall, so get up!

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Window 229 – Stumbling is just fine tuning of self


“When we strive for perfection every small stumble becomes a great fall, when in reality; stumbling creates growth, “not” failure, so just strive to do your best and keep getting up when you trip.”

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