Window 1760 -Grow from your disappointments

car boatWe are not defined by our failures in life, we are defined by our reaction to our failures and what we do next.  But in reality, there are no failures, just awakening moments.

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Window 469 – Don’t point a finger

photo(291)It is easier to view the faults of another, because it distracts us from having to view our own and work on our self.
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Window 191 – The vault of our failures has a public combination


“The combination to the vault of our failures is known by darkness, which is why our reoccurring self reflections of past pain and failures resurfaces every time we are faced with a new challenge, or when we are about to receive a divine blessing.”

The distraction of our past is all that darkness can use against us to try to prevent us from succeeding in our present and future, which is why when we are attacked we must seek  to open the vault of our love, blessings, and positivity, so we can regain our connection to the light,  to stop us from spinning in our past.

We may not be able to lock the vault of our past, but the combination to the vault of our blessings is sacred, and hidden from darkness, and all we have to do to open it, is listen to our heart.

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