Window 1328 -Stay awake


When we become  distracted by beauty,  logic dims and we cannot see what is hidden.

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Window 964 – truth saves the soul

imagesY9FZFOTMIf we are afraid of our own truth, we will never be able to voice it… therefore the  lie becomes our story.

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Window 824 – Don’t believe what you have not wittnessed with your own eyes


That what is represented to us does not always mean it is an authentic view… for reality is only truly shown out of the sight of a watching eye.

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Window 508 – Our thoughts are what fail us

photo(327)If within your thoughts you feel you will fail; unconsciously you will be trying to fail to prove you are right.
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Window 454 – The truth behind the view


Whatever one represents their life to be for the naked eye see, does not mean it is a true representation of what their life really is… so look with eyes with wide open, so you don’t become stuck in envy, of a false reality.

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