Window 1338 – Heartfelt truth



Pleasing others to keep the peace, only creates chaos and inner turmoil… Don’t feel guilty for doing what your heart longs for.

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Window 1284 – A drop of spirit




We are all just like leaves connected to a sacred branch, blooming and then leaving the tree, but forever remaining connected to Great Spirit.

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Window 1278 – Love has no chains


  Love does not control; for if one is caged, they will always fly away when the door is open… for true love has no doors.

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window 1276 – Swim or drown


 The level of love can  never reach  fullness, but the level of negativity over flows with one drop… because it is toxic to our spirit.

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Window 1255 – Count your blessings


Keep your focus and priority on what you love, for if it is taken for granted… it will diminish or disappear.

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Window 947 – Light is within everyone


When we cannot see that we are light, our view of our self and others, is very dim. 

~ WOW ~

Window 685 – Generate love


If we spread seeds of love everywhere we go, they will take root in those who are hungry for a change and help them grow in love… which in turn will create more love, that can be spread onto others who thirst.

~ WOW ~

Window 304 – The bond of love


When blood is NOT thicker than water in a family, we can create our own family with friends, to which love becomes thicker than blood and creates an unbreakable bond.

~ WOW ~



Today is the first anniversary of my blog!

 I had no idea what this blog world would be like and I never imagined I would meet and bond with so many kind hearted people through this wordpress connection of blogging.

I love the interaction that takes place between all walks of life and from all parts of the world… it is such an amazing space to connect and share with one another and I thank everyone who has taken the time to read and share their thoughts about my blog.

“We must continue to share our hearts, so our love will infect others who are suffering.”

~ WOW~