Window 1781 – Stay on high alert to your thoughts

water pink

When our thoughts suddenly shift to the focus of one’s faults, instead of what we love about them… it is darkness trying to pull us away from love… not love, diminishing. 

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Window 1780 -The flaws of our mind

blue view

If we are keeping an internal scoreboard of the actions of others… we are blindly walking on a pathway with darkness… for the pathway of light, has no score… just forgiveness, love and compassion.

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Window 888 – A conscious view


The blemishes that we see in our self, will be the first thing we will look for in others… because it is all we are focused on.

In order to change that behavior we need to  consciously seek out our own greatness and look for those same qualities in others… to which all blemishes become beauty.

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Window 469 – Don’t point a finger

photo(291)It is easier to view the faults of another, because it distracts us from having to view our own and work on our self.
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