Window 1081 – Everyone is a teacher

imagesZ980GNO2When we become agitated by another’s perception of us, we are fighting the truth that is being spoken.  For if the spoken words are not true, we would not be offended.

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Window 1065 – communicate your heart

imagesB8DCSBHZIf we are unable to voice our soul in a relationship, we will never survive as a unit.

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Window 688 – unplanned detours


Every bump in the road is just that, a bump… so instead of thinking you hit a brick wall, just know it’s a bump and jump back on the road.

For without any bumps ,how could we ever truly learn and grow.

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Window 564 – You can do anything

10639568_10204273489934994_6644394253532356382_n~ Photo By; Sandy Mulford~

The only barriers that you will not be able to cross, are those that you place in front of yourself.

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Window 552 – The tug of war between light and darkness

10426160_322042541289324_3809038547556583254_nWhen we turn away from love, our mind has gained strength over our heart, in the pull between darkness and light.

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Window 513 – The fight between mind and heart

photo(332)~ photo by Elisha Jacobsen ~

All of our obsessive thoughts stem from our mind fighting to steal power from our heart, to try to prove its strength against the Divine, to which our heart is aligned with.
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