Window 1297 – What you think matters


We begin to manifest every thought, so be conscious of what you focus on.

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Window 1023 -Worry about your own issues

imagesSJG6UCTNWhen we find our self encompassed in another persons life more than our own, we must take a step back and see what we are trying to avoid within our own bubble.

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Window 1015 – Love what is in front of you

images2K4VURKBWhen all of our attention is placed on what we don’t like or what we don’t have, we  will begin to lose everything we do have and like, in order to awaken us to see the magnitude of disillusion, of our own reality .

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Window 999 -Darkness may bury love, but it cannot destory it

imagesE69X0EDAOne can never give away to much love, for love does not create evil in people … it is darkness alone, that destroys the love within loving people, without them even knowing it is happening.

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Window 973 -What is meant for you will come

 imagesJM45X3PDWhen we can face what is, instead of struggling with what isn’t…we are able to see the blessings of right now, instead of focusing on what we don’t have.

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