Window 1555 – One’s looks, does not define the heart

trainWhen human connection is based upon appearances… the connection is weak, and will only stay connected if one never awakens.

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Window 1482 – Mistakes do not define us

bench and a tree

Those who cannot understand the depth of  forgiveness, have not yet awakened to the power of what it can do, for one’s heart.

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Window 1479 – Figuring out you


When we no longer  yearn to be liked by everyone, we have reached a place of self acceptance, to which we no longer have to pretend to be someone we are not.

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Window 1446 – Reflections of our past


If we reflect on our childhood and how it molded our decisions as an adult; we not only see where we came from, but we also see the reason behind our choices.

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Window 1375 – The power of our spirit


Some wounds will forever haunt us, but as long as we continue to move forward, we are growing in strength… so we must give ourselves credit for still standing today.

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