Window 1647 – Stay in the game

nativeWhen we build walls of protection around us, due to our past pain… it’s not really protection, its isolation, out of  fear of dealing with disappointment and pain again… but life is filled with suffering, and isolation just keep’s us angry and alone.

Love is the way, so we must stay open to it, because there are really good loving people on this journey… for no one is immune from being human.

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Window 1629 – Change is life

orangeWhen we are rattled by a change to our routine, we have allowed our routine to define our day.. but when we can flow and bend with the unexpected… the unexpected awakens us to the moment.

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Window 1611 – Who you are is good enough

porchNever allow the world define who you are… for you are unique and you have a space in the world that needs your uniqueness… so define you, yourself.

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Window 1607 – Whispers from God

nestGod will use random people that are outside our inner circle, to get our attention to create an impact, in delivering a much needed message for our life…so never disregard the messenger.

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Window 1596 – Shaking our thoughts

yellow moonWhen our faith is rattled, it is just darkness trying to  throw us off our game… so stay in the game and brush off those negative what if’s.

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Window 1550 – Let love in

houses of colorWhen one is uncomfortable saying or expressing  love… love was not seen, heard , or it was destroyed while growing up… to which one will either long for love and become love openly, or feel shame or discomfort and turn away from love.

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