Window 1543 – True reality

birdWe must look past all the photo’s of false perfection that everyone post’s and know that everyone has different struggles that the photo’s don’t show.

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Window 1403 – Shut down gossip


If we do not speak up and defend the untruths about another person, our silence say’s we agree with the lie.

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Window 1222 – The whisper is real


God’s whisper can be heard by all; but the mind will continually try to disconnect the signal, by stating one is not worthy of the connection or that God is a figment of the imagination.

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Window 1213 – A blanket of compassion

imagesLA4DB5PHEveryone needs someone to turn to, be that person… it can save a life.

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Window 1162 – We cannot handle everything


If we wait until we are drowning in stress before we ask for help, we will sink… It’s not a weakness to reach out, its great strength.

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Window 898 – extend you heart


Always keep an open heart, so others feel safe to come and share their pain… instead of suffering alone.

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