Window 1757 – Let nothing fester

natureThe root of our frustration, is not what is frustrating us… it is something that we are either anxious about for the future, or something that we are stewing about from the past.   When we dig to find the root, we can find peace in the moment we are in.

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Window 1706 – Spreading our pain

grogWe all hurt the people we love at times… and it all stems from our own internal pain… and when we can awaken to the reality of why our negative actions happened, we can then heal the wound.

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Window 1544 – Internal boxing

flowerWhen we become frustrated, we lash out unintentionally; but those on the receiving end have no clue of our internal frustration… they only feel hurt by our angry actions.

So we must be conscious when we are struggling not to create a struggle for someone else.

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Window 1287 – Word from the heart are heard more clearly


When we speak from a place of frustration, we only frustrate others.

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Window 1187 – Voice your fears and frustrations

imagesVJUPEME6We get tripped by darkness every time we think we have our emotions under control.

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Window 1035 – The hearts will lead you to forgiveness

thK192U2GLWe can only begin to forgive, when we can see the heart of another… and know that it is identical to ours, but just not heard.

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Window 715 – The truth of our emotions


When we try to pretend that we have our negative emotions under control, the clock begins to tick and there will be an explosion.

When we feel emotional, negative or suddenly depressed; we must really look at the source of those feelings ( which will be found beneath the surface) and by looking, we avoid exploding over an unwarranted issue.

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Window 623 – Look around what is blocking your view

IMG_0499When we become tunneled in our vision of what we are enduring, we are unable to see the lighted pathway of guidance, that is outside the tunnel. 

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Window 585 – The war between our heart and mind

10599595_797013977015972_2972855113346634827_nEvery time we become filled with anger and frustration, we have drifted off coarse… the only way to get back on track, is to find a view of love to snap us out of our ego and back into the wisdom and understanding of our heart.

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