Window 1759 – Seek thoughts of love

leaningEvery negative thought, come’s from an outside source, that is not connected to who we truly are.  So instead of listening to it or taking ownership of it, change it to something positive, that comes from your place of love, the real you.

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Window 1571 – Gentleness and compassion go a long way

fireWhen the negative things about ones personality are the only thing highlighted… ones spirit, becomes broken. 

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Window 1240 – Different meanings

imagesJ33OPEUMWhen we over think a statement, we are comparing what was said with our past pain.

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Window 222 – Become Love in everything


“When we make a conscious effort to think, listen and speak in a state of love toward our self and others, our negative thoughts cease to be heard.”

When our negative thoughts are not guiding us, we are loving, gentle, kind and compassionate toward our self and others.  So if we strive to walk in love, love will become us, because we are following the footsteps of the Divine.

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