Window 1374 – Our private road


The path we are meant to walk will have many different textures and  hurdles in the road, but it will lead us to where we are supposed to be, as long as we do not become distracted and veer off.

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Window 916 – our lessons are our greatest virtues


Our deepest regrets can become our greatest gifts…because they teach us to bloom brightly from what we have learned.

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Window 911 – Everyone deserves love


Those who turn away love and kindness, feel they don’t deserve it, due to their actions of the past…but love and kindness does not care about anything accept being loving and kind… so just accept it and pay it forward, for the past does not matter.

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Window 837 – unexpected gifts that appear as pain


Everything unexpected that is placed on our plate of life, is meant to be digested.

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Window 779 – Accept where you are right now


Where you are right now is exactly where you are supposed to be…and if you believe that you are meant to be somewhere else, then you must know unequivocally, that you will be placed there exactly when you are supposed to arrive.

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Window 194 – Giving to takers, will never be paid forward


“When we continually give to takers, our gifts go unseen, and the energy of our gift does not move forward into the hearts of others.”

The gift of giving is a form of energy that carries great power for both the giver and the receiver to become filled with love, that will prompt more giving, but if the the giver or receiver is inauthentic with gratitude, the energy of the gift becomes void.

We cannot give to people please, and we cannot receive UN-appreciatively, because if the gift is not heart given, or received heartfelt, all giving is just taken, for the purpose of the ego.

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