Window 1732 – Tainting the spirit of another

zebraEvery time we engage in gossip, we lose pieces of our integrity.

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Window 1697 – Don’t share your journey with deaf ears

ledgeYou don’t have to explain your life to anyone… for those with inquiring minds… let them wonder…  For it is an honor to share one’s journey with another, not a requirement.

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Window 1403 – Shut down gossip


If we do not speak up and defend the untruths about another person, our silence say’s we agree with the lie.

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Window 1382 -The love of drama


When the people around us continue to define us from our past, they are just choosing not to acknowledge our changes, because if they did, they would not longer have anything to gossip about.

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Window 1023 -Worry about your own issues

imagesSJG6UCTNWhen we find our self encompassed in another persons life more than our own, we must take a step back and see what we are trying to avoid within our own bubble.

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