Window 1369 – Memories of love


The reflection of our happiest moments, can transport us instantly to that same feeling… to which we can snuggle with, in our current moment.

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Window 1323 – Don’t let old wounds determine your worth


When our self esteem is low, we will remain in situations that are beneath our worth, out of fear of feeling any lower… until we awaken to our own unique greatness, that is already within us.

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Window 1211 – See the greatness within you and your life


Jealousy and envy will always be a part of us, until we see our own worth as a human being… to which then… we are able to genuinely  feel happiness , for the great things that happen to other people.

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Window 1066 – The purpose of a connection

imagesH6ZHGA4J.jpgEvery person that we come in contact with, is a great teacher as to what to strive for and as for what NOT to be.  But we will only awaken to what is being taught when we are awake to notice.

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Window 1038 – Steps of illumination


Every step we take to better ourselves, not matter how small, is a step that leads us closer to the person we never knew we were… so keep on stepping and awaken the things about yourself you did not know existed within you.

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Window 917 – We are never stranded


All movement brings forth the changes we are longing for…but if we remain  stagnate in thought with no action, everything remains the same.

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Window 784 – Greatness beyond your thoughts


 Greatness is already built within you and all you have to do in order to bring it to the surface, is believe.

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Window 772 – Reasons beyond what you can see


To that which we think is just a normal part of life, holds a hidden connection to either the light or darkness… for nothing is just a physical experience.

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Window 730 – Rise to the greatness that you already are


Every time we sit in self judgment, we diminish our greatness, but when we stand up in our greatness, we diminish all of our self loathing thoughts.

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Window 594 – Just empty


10462873_773842385999798_6408392594350084658_nThrough emptiness, the greatness within us, has room to emerge.

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