Window 1107 – Voided trinkets

imagesIEHD3L9YEverything we store up materially will be left behind, without meaning… for only love is the only thing that we can take with us, that has meaning in both here and after.

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Window 1057 – Step up, no matter what

images074PHZ4CExtend a helping hand, even when you feel weak… because through giving, you strengthen from within, which makes you strong in all.

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Window 999 -Darkness may bury love, but it cannot destory it

imagesE69X0EDAOne can never give away to much love, for love does not create evil in people … it is darkness alone, that destroys the love within loving people, without them even knowing it is happening.

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Window 998 – Look at the energy you give off

imagesK2IULGV6We can either enhance the beauty around us or destroy it with our energy, for our energy either blooms and grows or turns to weeds.

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Window 906 – Don’ give up


When we push through our fear we gain strength, but when we remain frozen in fear, we weaken in mind, heart and spirit. So keep moving.

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Window 885 – Your growth is endless


If we do not  bloom into our truest form of self; we are purposely choosing to be a seed, that  hides from the light and refuses water.  Even though God purposely planted us, to become a unique flower.

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Window 864 – Forgive, forgive and forgive again and again


If we cannot forgive our self, the dread of whatever we did will fester and we will never have peace of mind.

Our mistakes are our teachers and though we will never be perfect,  we can perfect our mind, from making us feel chaotic inside… and forgiveness is the starting point.

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Window 801 – Every living being holds equal value

photo 1

Those who feel they are more important and above others, are those who base everything upon physical possessions, money, education and physical appearance.

No one is above anyone, and it is those who walk in heart, who view everyone’s worth as sacred… even those who are looking down at them.

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