Window 1658 – Take a time out

dooneSometimes you just need to take some time away from everything and just absorb the silence… and let nature recharge us… but we must do it guilt free, or the silence is disturbed.

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Window 1341 – Take a moment, daily


If we don’t take time out to enjoy our surroundings, we will be surrounded by our thoughts.

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Window 674 – Face your pain to release it


The more we try to mask the reality of our pain, the more our pain will deepen; until we stop trying to distract our self from the reality of  what is and accept it… and once we face the truth of our feelings, we can release it.

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Window 447 – Contentment = love

photo(267)If a person is content with nothing and filled with outgoing love for everyone, they can create a home out of a cardboard box to be  the “it” place that everyone flocks to.

It’s not about what we have externally; it’s all about how we feel internally and what we give away, that is infectious to others.

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Window 223 – Thinking creates unjust thoughts


“We must listen without thought when someone is speaking, so our own thoughts do not interrupt the reality of a conversation.”

When we think in between the words that are being spoken, we are not hearing the truth of what being said, because we are too busy thinking of a reply to the triggers of words, that remind us of our past pain.

The past can only come into our present moment when we allow it to, so if old feelings start to arise within a present conversation, the past is not repeating, it is just our mind replaying old verbiage to create unjust conflict to pull us away from the present moment.

Listening with heart keeps the mind from pulling us into the past, to which love is seen in all that is said without ego.

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