Window 1699 – Embrace the journey

waterWith all the struggles of this earthly journey; if we  view our time here as a way to earn our wings… we can easier accept the hardships that come our way, and also through the experience’s  love and  joy, we are given a glimpse of what our real home is like.

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Window 1504 – We hold the choice

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If we stay in a state of anger from our childhood pain, we will always remain that child acting out our anger in adulthood… So the choice is ours and we can either grow and teach from the past or continue to live in it.

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Window 881 – stay a float


When our hope fades, our spirit begins to brake… therefore we must never let hope drift away.

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Window 880 – Don’t let your view become clouded


We must not allow our life circumstances to crush our dreams, of what we envision our future to be.

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