Window 1845- Our internal thoughts scream

The gage of ones soul, can be easily determined by how one wishes either love and peace or hatred and evil, upon someone they dislike.


Window 1685 – Kindness should be the norm

pinkWhen an act of kindness is seen as abnormal, and act’s of negativity do not even cause a blink of an eye… we have become numb to the spirit and attached to the world.

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Window 1673 – Love must rise


If we all consciously chose to act and respond with love; instead of anger, frustration and hate…love would gain strength around the world… and hate and evil would become more and more rare.

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Window 1590 – We need more love

pink rockThe only way to counteract the hate in the world, is for each of us to  consciously pour out love, in thought and voice and just over look and forgive those who voice hate.

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Window 1570 – The reality of hatred

pathwayIf we allow hatred to penetrate our heart, even if it seems warranted…we open the door to darkness, to which darkness is what we become.

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Window 1412 -You are good


You are good enough, your worth as a person, is no less than another… and no matter what your circumstances are… You are a loved… so own it, stand tall and don’t let anyone’s words or actions break you.

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Window 1307 – Love what seems unlovable


The only way to fight hatred, is to love more and connect with others who are on the same page… for if we hate the haters we just feed more hate, and love decreases.

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Window 979 – Take ownership

imagesDP5CSQPUThere is fruit of good and evil and everyone knows the difference… so whatever fruit you choose is the choice you alone, chose to feed.

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