Window 1471 – Release what you don’t want to face


When we are at our worst, we have reached our breaking point, from holding everything in.

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Window 1391 -The depth of our pain


The challenges that feel like they are going to break us, are actually the one’s that are pushing us, to overcome the parts of ourselves that we did not know were needed to be built up.

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Window 1049 -The is one true light to fight darkness

imagesS5TTX2R4Our thoughts are the downfall of all that is positive within us, and the only way to stop the noise of negativity, is to talk to Jesus… for he is the only thing that darkness fears.

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Window 939 – Acknowledgment of our pain


Relationships and material things will not make you feel more secure…for security and inner peace can only come, when we  face our own internal pain and release it.

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