Window 1729 -Detox with love

islandsThe energy we carry from anger and unforgivingness, can create internal illnesses,   but we can make simple changes in hopes of a preventative, by simply letting go, forgiving, and choosing kindness and love above everything.

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Window 1654 – Always shine light instead of darkness


Everyone has private thoughts of self doubt… So be the person that see’s the greatness in others and lift them up… for no one needs to hear validations of their negative mind chatter.

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Window 1639 – Slashing the negative voices

skyWhen our regrets haunt us, it is darkness trying to break us, with what we did or didn’t do… If you ask for forgiveness, it is given… so don’t let the negative voice of guilt stifle your life or your heart… let it go.

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Window 1488 – Don’t lose you


When we stay in situations that break our spirit, we will eventually break physically…  so sometimes, walking away is the only step, that will bring us back to peace.

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Window 1388 – Screaming in silence


If we have to keep our feelings silent to avoid a confrontation, we need to confront reality… for if we don’t our feelings will implode and break our spirit.

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Window 1379 – Set your boundaries


When we do things out of guilt to please others… the heart is not committed to the situation, to which resentment emerges.

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Window 1283 -The choice is yours


We have to want to change, more than we want to remain comfortable, in order for a change to be completed.

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Window 445 – Use your voice

photo(263)When we do not voice our feelings aloud they scream internally, keeping all the negativity contained, which will affect both our mental and physical health.

So let it out, say what you need to say and don’t allow fear to prevent you from cleansing your soul.

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