Window 1734 – You don’t need money to give

loungeThe more we give of our self, through the pull of our heart, the more fulfilled we will become, without anything outside of our self.

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Window 970 – Knowing you are not alone

imagesLDVW5UCN Just knowing that you are supported by another person, is enough to pull you through whatever you are fighting.

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Window 966 – Mistakes are had by all


 Before we begin to throw a rock of judgment toward another person we must stop and ponder  our own actions… and we will see that no matter how more horrendous another’s actions are compared to our own, it is still an action of disgrace.

 Therefore we must refrain from judgment and come from a place of compassion, forgiveness and peace… because  that is what we all wish to receive, when we lose our self, due to our own internal pain.

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Window 832 – Extend a helping hand


Someone will cross your path that is enduring the same pain or circumstances that you once suffered, so never forget where you came from.

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Window 806 – Sprinkle everyone with love


Every time one extends a hand of love, the more love  illuminates and extends into the hearts of others.

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