Window 1612 – Following the way’s of the other side

pureThis physical world will never be our permanent home…so we must stop conforming to the way it runs, and start focusing on love kindness and forgiveness… for that is all that exists, in the real world.

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Window 235 – We are not of this world


“When we feel like we do not fit in this world, it just means that the spirit of who we are feels more comfortable living in spirit, over walking in this physical form. So  unconsciously we search to find things that resemble the spiritual world of unconditional love, in order to feel the comforts of home.”

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Window 111- Change the voices of your mind


“When the negative voices of our mind begin to speak kindly to us our heart has taken charge of our thinking, because we are immersed in love.”

The only way to shut down all of your negative voices is to choose love; because when you are in a space of love, the view of yourself and others automatically sees love, and what you see and feel will change the words of your voices.

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Window 107 – The illusion of self is not truth


” When we are able to face the truth of our conditioned self, we can then begin to awaken the self that is of truth.”

We can never awaken to our true self when we are layered with conditions of our past that block us from seeing the depth of  who we really are.  The only way to remove those layers of our false self; is to face the fear of finding out that everything we thought we were,  was an illusion.

A fearless spirit will seek the unknown depths of the soul to find the truth, instead of settling for thoughts of truth.

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Window 90 – excuses block our truth


“We diminish the power of the ego when we face the truth of our actions.”

The root of our every negative action stems from the ego; and no matter how many things we pile on as an excuse for our actions, it is the ego that is our voice. 

It is only when we can look deep inside our heart and see the truth of why we acted out or withheld our love and then own it, is when the Ego becomes weak and can no longer control us in our truth.

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Window 86 – Reflections of your past


When the reflection of your past does not mirror who you are today through any thoughts or actions… you have truly evolved.”

Each of us  has a past filled with colorful choices that have molded us into who we are today, but if our” today” mirrors the same reflection of our past with only changes to the people in our life or our residence, then the only change that has taken place is to our outward appearance.

Age does not bring wisdom if you are repeating the same thoughts and choices…True wisdom comes when you can see the depth of your choices and understand the “why “for what you chose, instead of seeing just a failure of choice.

When you can no longer recognize the person in the reflection of your past, is when you are no longer that person.

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Window 84- Love is our weapon for freedom of the mind








There is nothing negative that comes out of giving love, unless it stops being given or felt.

Love is the only thing we were given from our spiritual home to take with us on our physical journey and the only thing that we can take with us upon our return.  It is a powerful emotion that transmits the whispers of guidance from our creator, bonds our connection with one another and is our secret weapon to sicken and weaken darkness.

Our biggest fight on this physical journey is the fight between the whisper of our heart and the screaming of our mind…Nothing negative can penetrate the heart; no person is bad, they are just stuck in the static of their mind because the screams are overpowering the whispers.

To live in a state of love we must learn to tune out the static of our mind…If you are not feeling love at this moment the volume of  your mind is turned up … take a deep breath and release, your breath is the volume control for your heart… with each breath listen for the whispers of love.

We all were given the same loving heart  supplied with and endless amount of love… no other person was given more or less love than you… they just have less static.

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