Window 1212 – Keep your eyes on the light

imagesBFZUAYS6When we start to lose hope, darkness is distracting us… so get back in focus and get back to knowing the power of the Divine.

~ WOW ~

Window 1014- Call on a higher power

thBBSCD5EZWhen our pain becomes to much to bare and we think we cannot take another step, take the step, don’t give up… pray, call on Jesus, and trust in the miracles that only he can deliver.

~ WOW ~

Window 958 – Keep a hope filled heart

imagesPUGSYPOWWhen we have hope, we can power through the pain and suffering, but without it, all we can see is pain… don’t give up hope, for hope is a spiritual whisper of what is coming.

~ WOW ~

Window 921 – There is always a bigger picture for us to see


Dream big, because Divine giving always arrives in a grander form than what we hope for. It also arrives at the right time in our life, for us to know that it was a Divine intervention.

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Window 881 – stay a float


When our hope fades, our spirit begins to brake… therefore we must never let hope drift away.

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Window 839 – Stay aligned with your heart


When your hope begins to fade, just know that it is just your mind taunting your heart, trying to break your spirit, before your needed change arrives.

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Window 718 – Spiritual tests


God does not test us… it is darkness that tests our love,faith and loyalty to God.

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