Window 1307 – Love what seems unlovable


The only way to fight hatred, is to love more and connect with others who are on the same page… for if we hate the haters we just feed more hate, and love decreases.

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Window 1262 – Dreams do arrive


Every ship comes in… just not on our time frame… so don’t lose hope, don’t let your faith weaken and above all, don’t let your mind tell you it’s all a pipe dream.

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Window 1212 – Keep your eyes on the light

imagesBFZUAYS6When we start to lose hope, darkness is distracting us… so get back in focus and get back to knowing the power of the Divine.

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Window 1014- Call on a higher power

thBBSCD5EZWhen our pain becomes to much to bare and we think we cannot take another step, take the step, don’t give up… pray, call on Jesus, and trust in the miracles that only he can deliver.

~ WOW ~