Window 1715 – Human to Human

hideWhen you can see your self in everyone, judgment fades and a connection forms, to which our first impression of judgment, shifts to compassion.

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Window 1669 – You are not the center of the universe

butterflyWith so many people in the world, no one should ever feel alone…but they do.  If we become so self-absorbed, that we cannot see those suffering or even give a smile, a hello or helping hand… we are shutting down our love for humanity.

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Window 1411 – We all fall prey to darkness


When a tornado of darkness over powers our  heart, the aftermath is filled with pain, regrets and sorrow…  and although we cannot change what took place, we can come to understand where it stems from and awaken.

Jesus forgives us, so forgive our self and get back up to learn, grow and makes changes…for if we don’t…we let darkness win, and we will continue to spin in mind, and  repeat the same actions.

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Window 1360 – Look with your heart


The more self-absorbed our world becomes, the less compassion and kindness is interchanged.

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Window 1334 – When the ego diminishes


When we can acknowledge the faults of our behavior when it is pointed out, instead of taking it personal, is when personal growth as emerged.

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window 1276 – Swim or drown


 The level of love can  never reach  fullness, but the level of negativity over flows with one drop… because it is toxic to our spirit.

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Window 265 – Cherish your elders


“When our elders are not cherished and respected a gap forms between generations and the unity of family diminishes.”

Those who are above us in age should be our mentors and not cast aside, their experiences and knowledge have brought us all to where we are today and they hold great wisdom and insight that is valuable to the well being of our future.

When we put our electronic devices above humanity for our teaching, we lose the depth of connection between physical beings and it is that connection that is the source for staying united.

Each of us will be an elder one day, so imagine how you would feel to be disregarded, disrespected and unaccepted because you do not update like the applications on an electronic device.

Growing older should not lessen the value of a person; aging should be valued greatly and be just as blessed as a birth of a child.  Cherish those above you in age and learn what you can from them, and cherish what you learn.

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Window 238 – Love is the antidote for suffering


“No one is free from pain if one of us is suffering and until everyone can understand that we are all one and extend a helping hand, one of us will always be in pain.”

If someone is mentally wounded and left alone to suffer, their pain will cause them to implode and inflict pain upon others. 

We cannot change the world, but we can change lives one at a time by reaching out to those we see suffering and let them know we care, because when  love and compassion are released, pain diminishes and prevents new wounds from forming.

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