Window 1588 – Real life is real, not the image we wish was real

pondWe cannot allow the image of what we think reality should be, to dictate the reality of what is real.

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Window 1578 – Stop striving to be

deerPerfection, is not the illusion of everything needing to be perfect, in order to  feel complete… perfection is to be in a state of contentment, peace and appreciation, with the moment.

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Window 1101 – We don’t know what is best for us

imagesO4CSN5O7Sometimes the appearance of what we desire, is an illusion formed by our wants… that eventually forms a reality of truth, that is completely undesirable.

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Window 1073 – Molding emotions


Peace can only surpass all chaos, if we  truly know what peace feels like… otherwise chaos is our  illusion of  interpretation to what peace is.

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Window 1064 – Stand true to truth

images73G9OW1GIf we follow others out of infatuation , we throw away our  integrity, to which we are only following an ego, instead of living our truth.

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Window 1018 -Isolation of love

imagesT5LZAUDYWhen we build a fence around our heart, we make it very hard for others to enter and for us to give… for we must let go of our pain and always be open to love, for it heals our soul.

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