Window 1327 -Don’t let anyone lower your worth


When we base our worth on another persons opinion, our true self will never be known.

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Window 553 – It’s not all about you

10457882_507214522757657_6970247887784218448_nWhen we are consumed with our own self-image, the depth of those suffering around us remains unseen, because of our shallow view.

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Window 338 – The image of a heart


“If the core of our heart is shining, love is all that will be seen.”

When our self image is negative, we are unable to walk in the depth of our heart, because the insecurities of the image we  present to others,keeps us  distracted from knowing our true self.

We must seek to feel the depth of our heart; so love can remove the image of flaws that we see and allow the beauty of who we truly are to emerge and be seen.

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