Window 494 – Self doubt

photo(312)The course of self destruction begins, when we question the guidance of what our inner knowing is screaming for us to follow.
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Window 358 – The path of a question


“The answers to what we are seeking are amidst the questions that we ask.”

Everything we need to know lies within us; but when we put the answer to what we already know into a form of a question, we are seeking an alternative answer to that of which we do not want to take ownership of.

We must follow our inner knowing for if we take an alternative route it will only lead us back to the same question.

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Window 315 -Veils of distortion


When the depth of our true self is unknown, we will mold our self into whatever someone else is looking for in order to feel accepted… which in turn only adds another veil of distortion, to block our spirit from emerging.

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Window 282 – The voice of our spirit


When ones spirit is unknown to the mind, the mind is in control with only moments of supernatural clarity of the spirit.

The mind wants us to believe that we are nothing but a physical being because it knows that if we connect to the voice of our spirit we will no longer spin in mindful thinking.

Our internal senses is our spirit speaking; so we must  listen even when it goes against what our mind would want to do, because there is a Divine plan for each of us and by connecting to our spirit we make the plan flow, instead of  prolonging the outcome of what is destined to be.

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Window 211- Faith in what is unseen


“Faith is not works in sorrow or with sorry words of malice hopelessness.  Faith is doing what is extremely hard with an inner knowing that a Divine intervention is coming, to create a desired change.”

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