Window 1819- Ruffling feathers

When people are rude, distant, or ignore your presence; it is because the light of your spirit, is irritating their inner demons.


Window 1713 – Addressing our hidden wounds

mountainWhen we are easily offended, we must look within to find the root of our insecurity or trauma… or we will forever continue to be in a state of  silent aggression, that will emerge, when certain buttons are pushed unknowingly by others.

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Window 1234 – Be transparent

imagesWRUK16R6When the appearance of what we want to represent to others, becomes more important than facing the reality of what our life truly is…we are completely absorbed in a fantasy, that will eventually force us to face reality.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected 

Window 1108 – Respect your self


True love of self, does not associate with selfie love… for it self obsession is the lowest of self -esteem.

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Window 912- Keep your eyes on the light


 The shadows of our fears follow us continuously, waiting for the perfect time to lunge upon us, in the hopes of blocking our light.

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Windown 794 – Hidden truth


Those who have no trust in themselves; are the ones who assume, accuse and believe that others are doing exactly what they have done, under the radar of everyone’s view..

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