Window 1732 – Tainting the spirit of another

zebraEvery time we engage in gossip, we lose pieces of our integrity.

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Window 1686 – Know who you are

whiteWhen we allow others to define our thoughts, we give them ownership of our mind.  

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Window 1632 – The power of our words

greensWe have to be responsible with our words, because darkness will replay negativity over and over again, upon the ears that our words falls on.

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Window 1390 -The Power of how we act


When our words do not align with our actions, we are speaking words that we have read or heard; instead of words we own.

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Window 1064 – Stand true to truth

images73G9OW1GIf we follow others out of infatuation , we throw away our  integrity, to which we are only following an ego, instead of living our truth.

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Window 954- Live what you preach or remain silent


If you are going to scream your knowing from a mountain top, then you better be living what you scream, or it will only penetrate the minds of others, instead of their hearts.

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Window 941 – Shine


When we refuse to blend in with the mainstream, we allow the uniqueness of our spirit, to outshine that which is ordinary.

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