Window 1732 – Tainting the spirit of another

zebraEvery time we engage in gossip, we lose pieces of our integrity.

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Window 1632 – The power of our words

greensWe have to be responsible with our words, because darkness will replay negativity over and over again, upon the ears that our words falls on.

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Window 1390 -The Power of how we act


When our words do not align with our actions, we are speaking words that we have read or heard; instead of words we own.

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Window 1064 – Stand true to truth

images73G9OW1GIf we follow others out of infatuation , we throw away our  integrity, to which we are only following an ego, instead of living our truth.

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Window 954- Live what you preach or remain silent


If you are going to scream your knowing from a mountain top, then you better be living what you scream, or it will only penetrate the minds of others, instead of their hearts.

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Window 941 – Shine


When we refuse to blend in with the mainstream, we allow the uniqueness of our spirit, to outshine that which is ordinary.

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Window 936 – The understanding of balance


If we do not ground ourselves,we will always be flying about without purpose and integrity.

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Window 448 – Walk what you preach

photo(268)If you’re going to quote the Bible and scream what Jesus says; you better be trying really hard to emulate what you are preaching behind closed doors or your words mean nothing… and P.S. your actions are seen by all of the Divine.

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