Window 1728 – Clarity before we speak

houseWhen the intentions of our words and actions are clear, within our own thought’s… we will never have to second guess our choices.

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Window 726 – Pause and ponder


If our actions do not coincide with our intentions, then we are not being authentic…for clear intentions are acted out with pure heart and not a spinning mind.

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Window 665 – Look from the end back


Every choice we make will either pull us closer to the way of the Divine or push us farther away.

So we must think deeply before making emotional choices, to ensure that the intent of our actions, will remain aligned with the way.

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Window 455 – Choose love



photo(275)Every choice we make will leave a mark, but if we know our intentions before we choose, our mark will not leave a scar.
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Window 330 – The truth behind our words


When we talk “at” one another it is our anger or frustration that is speaking and therefore nothing will be heard.

If we are speaking from our pain, the only way we will be understood is if someone is listening with their heart to hear the truth beneath the surface of our words.

 Whether we listen or speak, the only way the truth can be addressed, is to remain in the gear of our heart, so our words or reaction is of loving intent.

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Window 267 – Intentions


“If our thoughts are not aligned with the intentions of our heart, then our voice will be speaking what is on our mind and the truth of our heart will not be heard.”

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