Window 1387 – Traveling energy


Sometimes we need to take a moment with our thoughts to determine if they are truly our own, or those of someone else in the room.

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Window 1377 – The perfection of our intuition


Having a plan is great, but following your intuition which changes the plan… is much greater.

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Window 1288 – Take your own lead


We are all followers until we awaken to the voice of our own calling, that show’s us a different way.

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Window 1207 – Don’t second guess your feelings

imagesR7VM4G89When we can see the clarity of our intuition, we will no longer be fooled by our mind.

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Window 975 – Follow your intuition

imagesDHWWJJ1YAn empty seat is an opportunity to sit and take in the moment or open up a conversation with someone who may be in need of a listening ear… so take the moment.

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Window 724 – Trust your senses


The first inkling of uneasiness that comes from the energy of another person, is actually a whisper of guidance, warning us to proceed with caution and stay alert…for the uneasiness we are feeling is a warranted  and not just something created within our mind.

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