Window 1561 – Consequences of our actions

balconyHow one expresses them self to us is a part of their own life journey and how one reacts to another’s expression, is the journey of their own.

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Window 1505 – Patience wins

water fall

When we force that which has not arrived naturally, we are going against the Divine plan.

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Window 1446 – Reflections of our past


If we reflect on our childhood and how it molded our decisions as an adult; we not only see where we came from, but we also see the reason behind our choices.

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Window 1345 – Take the step


Every step that leads us closer to a place of inner peace, is the step to take… even when it means walking away from everything that is comfortable and familiar.

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Window 1214 – Follow the wisdom

 imagesKTLJ02YEThe insight and wisdom of our elders,  contains more power to help guide us, than that which we are able obtain on our own accord.

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Window 1063 – Solo for sanity

images4BMM0IK4Walking it alone, is much better than walking with someone who is draining you and holding you back from being your authentic self. Don’t sacrifice your spirit for company.

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