Window 1680 – Cut the ties of negativity

facesThe only way to move forward from a painful situation, is to forgive, and keep moving forward.  For if we remain in reliving the pain, we can never heal.

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Window 1679 – Deep love


Children can never know the depth of their parents love, until they are able to see it from the view of spirit.  For the love for a child is so unique, it cannot be expressed.

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Window 1676 – Rise above having a pity party

snowWhen we pull away from love and kindness, because we feel the need to wallow in our pain, irritation’s and regrets… we are blindly holding hands with darkness.

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Window 1674 -Judgment steals joy


If we wait until we are older before we can  let go of our judgment to self and others, we will have missed out on years of acceptance, peace and feeling true love.  

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Window 1665 – People really can change

stoneJust because our mind can only remember how someone was in the past… does not mean that they are the same person in the present… but if the past  is all that we can see, then it is us, who are in the clutches with the darkness our mind.

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Window 1656 – See the brightness

hidden payNo matter what we are going through, our blessings still out weigh our hardships.

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