Window 1074 – Seek to be your greatest self

images5AIA8S79To emulate the walk of the Divine all one must do… is walk love, kindness, compassion, humility and refuse to judge others.

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Window 1023 -Worry about your own issues

imagesSJG6UCTNWhen we find our self encompassed in another persons life more than our own, we must take a step back and see what we are trying to avoid within our own bubble.

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Window 1003 – Never follow your ego

th6R5MUAO1Doing what is loving and right is always the right way, no matter what we think someone else deserves or does not deserves… it is always right for us.

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Window 1001 -Keep your eye on your own journey


Every journey is unique; so for us to judge the way of another, is just wasting thoughts and energy, that we should be applied to our own walk.

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Window 985 -Stop suffering and release the pain

imagesZ9GAD7X0The more we try to keep our wounds concealed, the more they will emerge into the areas of our life, that do not pertain to our wound. 

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Window 824 – Don’t believe what you have not wittnessed with your own eyes


That what is represented to us does not always mean it is an authentic view… for reality is only truly shown out of the sight of a watching eye.

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Window 540 – Observe to make changes within

download It is always easier to see another persons fault’s, because it removes the focus from our own. 

So when you find yourself judging what others are doing, use your view as a tool to work on how you can be a better you.

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