Window 1405 – Beyond our view


When we reach a blocked wall, the best thing we can do is step back and wait until God decides to break it down… for  Divine timing has a higher purpose that we cannot see.

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Window 891 – We must overlook each other


The laws of the universe does not operate from a place of an eye for an eye… it just simply projects the energy you put toward another and sends it back to you in return. .

We cannot control what others do to us, but we can control what comes back to us… so we must be kind and overlook others, as we want to be overlooked for the things we have done…because we all have moments when we fall from grace.

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Window 814 – Love opens all doors


 When we begin a crusade from a place of love; it gains great strength and speed… and becomes unstoppable.

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Window 760- The heart trumps the ego


Any response to violence that is returned in violence changes nothing; but a response that is returned in peace and love is absorbed and can open a portal for change.

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Window 744 – Awaiting Redemption


The lies we tell that alter the lives of others, will always surface, no matter how long they have been lying dormant.

For God will always illuminate the truth for those who are unjustly harmed and make their light shine brighter, than it  was before the darkened lie.

~ WOW ~