Window 1268 – Find your heart



The ego only knows one way to respond… which is with a closed perception that places the view of self in the light… even when one is buried in darkness.

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Window 888 – A conscious view


The blemishes that we see in our self, will be the first thing we will look for in others… because it is all we are focused on.

In order to change that behavior we need to  consciously seek out our own greatness and look for those same qualities in others… to which all blemishes become beauty.

~ WOW ~ 

Window 558 – What is meant to be, will come

10593115_844074495626713_7457282314894456308_nWhen we settle for that to  which we know is below the spirit of who we are; we have become impatient in waiting for what we truly want to arrive…to which darkness has arrived to trick us into believing that, that which is below us,  will work out.

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