Window 1807- Get to know who you are

We will never know the depth of who we truly are, or our true feelings about things, until we remove the layers of thoughts and feelings, of others, that have attached to us.


Window 1392 -Compassion awakens us


If we don’t acknowledge what another person is feeling, we are not listening… we may not fully understand or agree, but if we truly listen, we will gain a new perspective that we did not have.

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Window 1131 – The answers are within

imagesThose who claim to have all the answers, are the one’s who are searching the most; but carry no depth of wisdom, only tidbits of truth.

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Window 1118 – Look closely at yourself

imagesX81LPEXQWhen we  are the great observer of what others are doing wrong, but cannot see our own faults, nor take advice from others with an open heart… it is we, who are in great need of an awakening moment, instead of trying to give one.

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Window 950 – Divine Guidance


Those who think they have found “the way” are the most lost… for the way cannot be found… it is shown.

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Window 799 – Ride the wave


If we cannot flow with change, we are setting up our own barriers, that block us from internal growth.

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Window 772 – Reasons beyond what you can see


To that which we think is just a normal part of life, holds a hidden connection to either the light or darkness… for nothing is just a physical experience.

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Window 764 – Entwined with the Divine


If we do not have a relationship with God, all of our other relationships will be weak; for without his/her hand connected to our relationship, the purest light and love that connects to our hearts, is absent.

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