Window 1711 – Grand can be small and simple

lilyWhen we are able to find joy amidst our hardships and struggles, we are accepting the surrender, of thinking we are in control.

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Window 1418 – Don’t get caught up


 When we are over loaded with watching and reading new’s of negativity, we must dive into laughter, prayer and nature, for balance… or the negative will be absorbed and we will begin to change.

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Window 774 – Our furry friends never leave us


Our animals that pass away are still around us and living it up in spirit; so if you see them in a dream or they unexplainably cross your thoughts in a memory that only you can validate…you must know they are stopping by to let you know they are okay, they love you and that they are not missing one thing in your life.

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Window 649 – Inspire and awaken


To witness love opens one be more loving, to see kindness pushes one to be more kind, to hear laughter makes one smile, to view compassion shows one to have more empathy… so instead of being a witness, be the person that is witnessed.

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Window 447 – Contentment = love

photo(267)If a person is content with nothing and filled with outgoing love for everyone, they can create a home out of a cardboard box to be  the “it” place that everyone flocks to.

It’s not about what we have externally; it’s all about how we feel internally and what we give away, that is infectious to others.

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Window 331 – Free Spirit


The spirit of a child is filled with nothing but love,  that is why we feel so alive and free when we allow our inner child to emerge.

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