Window 1777 – Our moral compass


No one is immune from being tempted by darkness… But when we know with certainty, that Jesus will be watching, to see how we reply… unmoral temptations, cannot take root.

~ WOW ~

Window 1642 – Love and forgiveness can heal

fishingThe grief of a lost  connection to someone who is still alive, can be harder than a death… but unlike death, the relationship can be restored, through the death of the ego… so instead of grieving,  start forgiving and reconnect.

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Window 1513 – A deep view

forest walkwayTo remain in a complete state of peace when someone is disrespecting you, and not react… is a level of Divine love, in being able to see the depth of another’s suffering.

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Window 1485 – healing from our pain

pink happiness

Time heals the hemorrhage of our wounds, but the pain never completely leaves our heart. But if we seek the valuable  learning from wound, we can comfort others in their wounds, which helps our continued healing.

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Window 1422 -Your story matters


Be mindful when sharing  your life story;  for when it falls on ears that  have no care, it  internally diminishes the magnitude our journey.

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Window 1377 – The perfection of our intuition


Having a plan is great, but following your intuition which changes the plan… is much greater.

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Window 1355 – The foundation of great abundance


Acknowledgement of the simple blessings that sustain our life, must be forever in the forefront of our thoughts… for if they are not, everything  becomes  trivial with no meaning, to which the Ego has callused the heart.

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Window 1345 – Take the step


Every step that leads us closer to a place of inner peace, is the step to take… even when it means walking away from everything that is comfortable and familiar.

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Window 1319 – We cannot save everyone


Just because we know what we know, we cannot control or direct others  how to live their life… for every walk must be walked  by one’s own feet, even when we can see what they cannot.

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Window 1161 – Lessons?

images8J7M65JBIf God wanted us to all look alike, speak the same language and have the same type of relationships, he would have created us all as clones… but since that did not happen, is it possible that one of our main purposes for being here, is to learn love and acceptance of all, no matter what our mind of judgement screams?

~ WOW ~