Window 1572 – Seeing past our irritations

flowers twoThat which agitates us, is exactly what we need to let go of, in order to keep our inner peace from being blocked.

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Window 1563- Mind over heart

hillsideTo hold a grudge, only holds us hostage.

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Window 1553 – Stop looking back

boatStop trying to prove to your self that you are good… you are… what you did in your past does not define you… ask for forgiveness and it is granted, then forgive yourself and just work on being the best you, moment by moment.

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Window 1540 – Keeping the past in the past

forstWhen we are holding on to our past issues from other relationships, we make them fit into our new ones unjustly.

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Window 1407- Self esteem


When we think we are not enough, we never will be… within our own mind.  We are all worth more than our thoughts, and when we realize that, the real us will emerge.

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Window 1394 -Voice it


When pain is pushed down, it will emerge in areas of our life that are not warranted. It must be released in order to walk in peace… so face it, express it, forgive and the healing begin .

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Window 1363 – Let go of the past


When the things we once treasured, disappear…all we can do is start over… and most likely our new treasures will become out greatest joy.

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