Window 1707 -We have to over look one’s actions


We cannot expect Jesus to erase our sin’s, if we are not willing to offer the same forgiveness and grace to others.

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Window 1549 – Awakening moments

signsTo have no enemies, only arises when you finally hear the voice of your heart… because you then see the hearts of all others, without the interruption of the mind.

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Window 1531 – Free yourself from old pain

sunsetIf the past arises and upsets us, it’s not the past…for if the past is truly in the past, we are not longer attached to it.

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Window 1285 – Let the past remain in the past




. Bringing up ones past, erases all the growth that has taken place up into the present…  and by constantly reminding another of their actions of the past; only shows our judgment toward them, along with our lack of forgiveness and resentment for how we were affected by their actions.

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Window 1148 – Think peace

imagesPC4SFRQTThe time we waste worrying about what others think of us, is time we should be spending on creating peace within… for when we are at peace we don’t take anything personal.

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Window 1009 – The view of the heart


Look at things through eyes of love, no matter how devastating the view may be… and it will save you from so much turmoil and misunderstanding.

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