Window 1813- You can’t hide from yourself

No matter how hard we try to believe the lies we tell others, the truth, is always looking back at us, in the mirror.


Window 1691 – Unexpected confusion

flowersEvery time a dagger of darkness is thrown our way, negative thought’s  will  begin to consume us… just throw it back, because those thoughts are untrue.

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Window 1650 – Make sure you know what wolf you are feeding

rainbowThe Ego will always lead us down the road of self fulfilling choices, that will inevitably end, in the illumination of it’s ruse.

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Window 1646 – You have a purpose


When we feel like we don’t fit in, it is darkness that comes in full force, to help us validate those “FALSE” thoughts.  It’s okay not to fit in, because we are each meant to be something different. 

The moment we can begin to accept ourselves, is the moment God’s light within us will begin to illuminate our pathway to seeing our greatness within, and our uniqueness. 

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Window 1514 – A heavy heart bleeds

imagesSecrets and lies that never are revealed or enlightened in truth, are weight’s upon one’s soul, until they are released.

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Window 1290 – True power comes from the unseen


The power of Great Spirit, exceeds all power above persons of greed, who think they hold the power.

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Window 1274 – Deception, dim’s our light



Trying to hide the truth, will suffocate one’s spirit until it is released.

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