Window 1654 – Always shine light instead of darkness


Everyone has private thoughts of self doubt… So be the person that see’s the greatness in others and lift them up… for no one needs to hear validations of their negative mind chatter.

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Window 1640 – Cleanliness keeps everything in balance

beach cityWhen our house is cluttered and unorganized, darkness becomes a squatter and our mind begins to spin.

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Window 1454 – A view from the heart


Compassion is the tool that connects us to the hearts of others… if that tool is not in one’s toolbox,  there is no connection to their own heart… for the mind has taken full control.

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Window 242 – Never turn away from truth


“When we purposely turn our head from what we know is right, we step off the path of the divine and begin walking a path of our own creation that is unsecured and paved with illusions of green lights, but in reality the lights are all flashing red.”

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Window 228 – Rejection is our sign for something greater to come



“Rejection does not mean that we are not good enough; it is a sign from the Divine, that means we are much greater than  that of what we are able to see about our self and our expectations are lower than what the universe has in store for us.”

Don’t let a closing door in a relationship or profession lower yourself worth or trick you into thinking you have a problem.

Rejection is how the universe pushes us into a space of divine order so we can grow beyond our imagination, into the greatness that has already been placed in us .

 All rejection is  our “sign” to keep us moving along on our divine path, instead of  stepping off on to a path that is lower than our greater purpose.

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Window 157 – Let love be the appearance we see in the mirror


“If there were no mirrors the beauty of one’s heart would be the prime focus above anyone’s physical appearance.”

Our world has become fixated on the physical appearance of people, which has set a standard for what the ideal image should entail, to which both women and men are debilitating their spirit, and self-worth, to conform to this judgmental image which is completely useless in every other aspect of life, other than visual pleasure.

The color of our skin, our weight, or any unique physical features are “not” the heart of a person… our love, kindness, compassion and service to others should be our fixation, because those qualities remove all other negative judgments from forming, and help everyone to feel the worth that we already are, which allows the mirror becomes just an object, instead of a sword.

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Window 107 – The illusion of self is not truth


” When we are able to face the truth of our conditioned self, we can then begin to awaken the self that is of truth.”

We can never awaken to our true self when we are layered with conditions of our past that block us from seeing the depth of  who we really are.  The only way to remove those layers of our false self; is to face the fear of finding out that everything we thought we were,  was an illusion.

A fearless spirit will seek the unknown depths of the soul to find the truth, instead of settling for thoughts of truth.

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Window 100 – Doing what is right, is always the way


“If an awakened person grows tired of doing what is right and returns to the comfort of their old ways; their old ways will not be their worst way, it will be worse.”

When we know better we are suppose to do better; but when doing the right thing creates a feeling of loneliness or boredom, we begin to reflect on the good things from our past t, and we begin to talk ourselves into believing that we can take  conscious steps back into an unconscious place in time, and that it will not change our consciousness.

Doing what is right  is not always the fun road; but stepping back into what was wrong, can lead to a steep fall that is harder to  climb into the place of  consciousness that you previously climbed before.

A truly awakened spirit does not long for what was, because what is right now, keeps them awake.

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Window 95 – The search for love



“Searching for love in others to feel complete will always keep you feeling incomplete.”

We are all connected to the highest source of love that exists and we all exist because of that love; it is in us, so instead of searching endlessly to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, set out to connect to the love that is in you.

  If you are not having a loving relationship with yourself, you will not know how to give true love in return nor will you  feel content within any relationship.

You must seek to feel the love within you and take ownership of it; and then once you  become love, those that are awakened in their love will come to you.

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Window – 93 – An open heart is open for change


“When a closed minded person speaks only like-minded people will listen…But when a person with an open heart listens; their reply can  penetrate the hearts of all, even those with a closed mind.”

Neither your way nor my way is the way… so we must keep an open heart to hear the whisper of the way, because a closed mind will block the whisper.

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