Window 1638 – Just to be heard, heals

waterfallWhen someone is in need of a listening ear, the last thing they want to hear, is a comparison to their pain… for true listening, just listens, with empathy and love.

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Window 1247 – Speaking to the wind

images2KL2Y99VIf we are not being heard… the listener has no interest.

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Window 323 – False chatter


If the chatter of our mind is telling us we are worthless, then the mind that speaks is not worth listening to… so we must seek to hear the whisper of truth that can only be heard within our heart, which will tell us we are worth everything.

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Window 280 -present listening


“When we read between the lines of spoken words, we are actually reading our own story of the past while someone else is speaking and we miss the truth of the words spoken.”

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Window 179 – Thinking is the problem stillness is the solution


“Just as the sun is always shining behind dark clouds; our lighted spirit is always shinning within our heart, awaiting the disconnection from our mind to illuminate the answers in our dark times.”

During difficult times thinking magnifies our problems, and it is only through the stillness of heart listening, that our solution will be heard.

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