Window 1694 – The right now, is where we are meant to be

tracksWhen we find our self longing for things in our past, we are just uncertain in our present moment… but we must remember, that if our past was meant to be a part of our right now, it would be here.

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Window 1517 – The power of love wins

palmsOne simple act of kindness can have such a powerful effect, that it forces one to keep trying to relive that feeling… to which more kindness and love will spread and awaken heart of others, to experience the power.

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Window 1434 – The moment

green water

When we hang on the futures edge pining for a change, what we long for will pass us by… but when we remain present, longing is limited to the next moment… and great changes unexpectedly appear.

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Window 1014- Call on a higher power

thBBSCD5EZWhen our pain becomes to much to bare and we think we cannot take another step, take the step, don’t give up… pray, call on Jesus, and trust in the miracles that only he can deliver.

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Window 693 – Accept the reality of what is


When we purposely choose to ignore the reality of what is happening, instead of facing it head on and accepting what is…we will be faced with a harsher reality.

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Window 584 – True beauty, is within the physical shell

10255280_798302313553805_8402375757550297776_nWhen we can let go of the flaws we see within our self-image … we allow our inner spiritĀ  to shine through us, to which the spirit of who we are is all that is seen.

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