Window 1768 – Keep your Spirit and heart in alignment

lunchWe have to be stronger than our mind, or Great Spirit will be void in our life.

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Window 1766 – Love heals a grieving heart

imagesUGT7AK12Everyone deals with grief in their own unique way;  so we must never push, prod, or try to direct, how one goes through the process…  being  supportive, present and just giving love, is all one can do.

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Window 1708 – The other side has a the best wireless connection

houseThe connection with our loved ones on the other side never needs a signal, and it never buffer’s… love can always pop in, in a blink of an eye… for love never dies, and the other side is not far away, it’s a thin veil and everything is seen and heard.

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Window 891 – We must overlook each other


The laws of the universe does not operate from a place of an eye for an eye… it just simply projects the energy you put toward another and sends it back to you in return. .

We cannot control what others do to us, but we can control what comes back to us… so we must be kind and overlook others, as we want to be overlooked for the things we have done…because we all have moments when we fall from grace.

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Window 480 – There is a loss, with all gain

photo(302)The more veils we remove on our quest to find our true self, the more people seen from the views of those veils, will drift away.
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