Window 1437 – There is always a plan for us, that we cannot see


It does not matter how hard we fight for something we desire… for if it is not God’s plan, it will not be… but what will be, is something greater than you could see coming.

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Window 1346 – Removing the barriers of the mind


With each veil that is  removed, tears flow… because we are able to see more clearly through our heart.

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Window 1298 – Everyone has something to offer


Wisdom can be gained from all… so we must never think we are above anyone, because the greatest wisdom can come from someone so different from who we are. So walk humbly.

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Window 1286 – Power of our thoughts


If we do not have a vision for what we want in life, everything will remain as is.

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Window 1179 -We are all equal


The same amount of holy spirit is poured into each of us… and it is up to us, to choose  whether or not we want to awaken to the magic.

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Window 1070 – The power of a dream

imagesO76HBTWXOur dreams are not a figment  of our imagination… they are our pathway of  guidance… but we must be  grounded to understand the insight.

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Window 930 – Anything is possible


Don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are to big… no one on earth is in control of your destiny…For only our creator has the final say.

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Window 203 – Divine works, are our miracles in life


The power of spiritual magic is diminished, when we dissect what we cannot see or understand, instead of accepting in  bliss, that a divine miracle has just taken place.

Divine miracles happen; they are our answered prayers and dreams that come true but if we over look the miracle, by over thinking how it came to be, the magic disappears and the Divine goes unnoticed.

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