Window 1761 – The peace that comes from acceptance

caveThe source of our happiness does not come from anything outside of our self.  It is determined by how present we are, to see the blessings in front of us.

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Window 1671 – Everything material, holds no water to our spirit

hutsWhen we base our worth on what we have, what we have diminishes in value… for things can never outshine our heart, unless or heart is darkened by our things.

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Window 1462 – shifts of emotions

fields of grain

If we allow the daily inconveniences that arise to determine our happiness, we are just not happy at our core… and if we never look within to figure out why, everything around us will always determine our mood.

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Window 1373 – Dark blessings


When one is given everything, the presence of a higher power is never a thought…because having  everything, creates an illusion of power.

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Window 669 – The bond of love never breaks


Love is the only thing that we can ever truly own… everything else is on loan.

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Window 505 – peace from within

photo(323)Inner peace becomes rattled when the distraction of material things take precedence over peace.
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